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  • 2017 Schedule

    Schedule for 2017 For courses to be done in house please contact bryan.fogerty@gmail.com   Geology For the Pre-Spud Meeting, Ipoh, Malaysia,……………………………2nd – 3 March Geology For the Pre-Spud Meeting, Ipoh, Malaysia………………….…………4th -5th March Oilfield Cementing Foundation, Ipoh, Malaysia………………….……………….6th – 17th […]

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  • Registration & Rates

      Any questions about courses, schedules please contact Bryan Fogerty at bryan.fogerty@gmail.com   1 Cement Technology Workshop  US$ 2900   2 Oilfield Cementing Foundation US$ 3350   3 Petroleum Technology Workshop US$ 3350   4 Remedial Cementing US$ 2900   […]

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Managed Pressure Drilling – Intermediate Level  Course

Overview of the applications of managed pressure drilling (MPD), will cover all methods and techniques, and how to select which technique to apply. It will cover the drivers for the development and application of these techniques, advantages, limitations and key issues in applying such technologies.

Drilling Optimization using PAYZONE Drilling Predictive Simulator

This five day short course is intended for all those involved in drilling and casing drilling and requiring good knowledge and application of best drilling engineering practices and in need to understand the effect of various drilling and formation parameters on drilling procedures and advancement of the drill bit, utilizing the very advanced drilling predictive simulator, PAYZONE.

Advanced Cementing Course – HPHT AND CO2 / H2S  WELLS

The course is designed for drilling and completion engineers, production engineers, well integrity engineers, petrophysists, and all individuals who would like to advance their basic cementing operations knowledge, to cover HPHT cementing and sour wells cementing.

Drilling Fluids – Basic Level Course

The course is designed for drilling engineers and supervisors, toolpushers, geologists, laboratory fluid technologists, managers, and operations personnel.

Deepwater Drilling Operations & Challenges

This 5-day course covers drilling in the offshore and deepwater environment. Types of rigs and rig moving practices are discussed along with drilling equipment and downhole tools

Casing Equipment

  Synopsis: Casing equipment plays an important role in the success of well construction. It is important that the casing gets to bottom and that is in the center of the hole to allow an even distribution of cement slurry […]


Yuvaraj Patil

  Yuvaraj Patil is a tertiary qualified oilfield professional with 16 years oilfield experience in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and North America for Wireline and Perforating services. He worked as the eastern hemisphere Principal Technical Instructor for Halliburton from […]

Prof. Vassilios C. Kelessidis

Dr. Vassilios C. Kelessidis is the Department Chair and Professor of Petroleum Engineering Department at Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi, UAE, where he joined on January 5, 2017. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Petroleum Engineering Program at Texas […]

Mike Stevens

Mike Stevens has worked for Halliburton in casing equipment for 20 years. He as extensive experience in casing equipment fit, form and function with aggressive sales technique. He is based in Duncan

David Murray

Dave has worked for Halliburton for 41 years in both cementing and stimulation operations. For the last 11 years he has worked as an instructor. He is based in Aberdeen.

Ivan Jurado

Ivan is an oilfield professional for the last 20 years and was an instructor for 3 years teaching advance engineering cementing courses. Ivan is a graduate from the Universidad Autonoma De Nuevo Leon with a B.Sc in Chemical Engineering.

Bryan Fogerty - Lead Instructor- Cementing for the Oil Industrt

Bryan Fogerty

  Bryan Fogerty is a 25 year oilfield professional. He has worked in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and North America for cementing and stimulation services. For the last 6 years he has been teaching cementing and Petroleum Technology. He […]


Open Hole Logging

  This is a 2-dimensional drawing on a sidewalk. Logging is very much the same thing. It is a 2-dimensional drawing of the reservoir. You have to be able to look beyond the lines to see the whole picture.   […]

Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud

Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud   An oil prospector was convinced that there was oil on his land, so he wanted to hire a rig crew to drill a well. First, he had to hire a company man. So, this guy […]

What a crooked industry!

What a crooked industry!  How do they drill those crooked holes?……………………Directional Drilling for the pre-spud meeting   No doubt that when drilling first started, the deeper they went they made deviated holes without realizing it. This was due to a […]



The team are available to provide classes and workshops in Mandarin using an interpreter. Please request for details.    


  1 Taller Tecnología de Cementación Descripción: El curso se enfoca en cementaciones primarias y remediales. Selección de aditivos, pruebas de laboratorio, migración anular de gas y se presentamos las mejores prácticas para las operaciones de cementación para permitir al […]

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